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Why Struct-Sure Monitoring


Ensure Safety of Structures

  • Load test bridges, long term monitoring of critical structural elements
  • Monitor historic public buildings and bridges
  • Monitor unique structures such as tall towers, bridges with unique design or construction methods

Protect Investments and Defer Capital Spending

  • Provide monitoring to determine performance changes which occur in a structure over time due to environmental changes.
  • Monitor changes in structural condition to determine when structural rehabilitation or replacement is required.  Use the monitoring as a tool to decide when it is the right time to make capital investment in structure rehabilitation.

Reduce Insurance Risks

  • Monitor a structure during renovations
  • Monitor nearby or adjacent construction
  • Monitor structures which have been damaged

Protect the Public

Monitor stability of significant buildings, bridges or geotechnical structures which would be a significant threat to public safety in the event of structural failure.


Monitor Target Area

Monitor specific or special elements of a structure such as curved elements (arches, pipes) or major deep beams (transfer beams, shear walls)


Detect Changes

  • Monitor vibrational loads and effect of vibration on the structure
  • Monitor impact of heavy loading conditions, determine if and how over load conditions has damaged the structure (non-elastic behavior, micro cracking, permanent deflections)

Get a Baseline

  • Understand the structural behavior before changes occur
  • Determination of natural frequency of structure in real time before, during and after renovations
  • Monitor structural deformations before and after structural renovations or rehabilitation


Structural Monitoring Engineering can show you if the money that has been spent on rehabilitation is beneficial to the structure.