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Underground Infrastructures


OSMOS system can be used on large diameter watermains and sanitary sewers tunnels and large diameter sanitary sewer forcemains.

The OSMOS system can be used to monitor the effects of water hammer on large diameter watermains or the impact of poor soil conditions on a large diamter sanitary sewer tunnel or the stability of a sewer tunnel in rock.

OSMOS system can be used to monitor a underground water reservoir or a deep sanitary sewer pump chamber.  The OSMOS system can monitor strain and cracks in a buried tank.  Monitoring a crack can provide valuable information regarding the crack and if the crack is stable or growing.


What Can Monitoring of Underground Infrastructure Accomplish?

Water Hammer

A large diameter waterman operating under high pressure and variable flow conditions may undergo water hammer.  How do you know if your critical infrastructure is suffering from water hammer problems?  The strain/stress on the water main pipe resulting from water hammer can be recorded using OSMOS system to monitor strain in the pipe.  Not only will the monitoring tell you how much strain occurred in the pipe it will tell you how many times the water hammer event occurred and provide you with the necessary information to make a decision to spend infrastructure money on a water hammer problem before a major break in the water main.

  • A deep sewer tunnel may be subject to stress as a result in shifting geology.  The resulting strain on the sewer tunnel can be monitored.
  • A large reinforced concrete potable water tank buried in the ground will be subject to high earth loading conditions.  Installation of OSMOS system on the tank can monitor the structure for the development of cracks and provide an early warning of high stress conditions and the development of cracks long before you have lost a significant amount of water from the tank.  The OSMOS system can also monitor the tank for effect of vibration from nearby construction or even seismic shock.
  • The OSMOS system can be used to monitor important underground infrastructure to ensure that it is not damaged during construction of nearby deep foundations, vibration resulting from driving deep piles, use of explosives for demolition or rock blasting.  The monitoring can provide an indication of how the nearby activity may be affecting your important buried infrastructure.