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Strands and Sensors



Optical Strand


Optical Strand


The Optical Strand is a particularly innovative and accurate measuring system with sensitivity of less than 2μm: it allows you to measure distributed deformation and delivers up to 18 conclusive data parameters.


Typically, its length is between one and ten meters: it captures local phenomena with a macroscopic approach and without any downtime. The Optical Strand is able to monitor both the static properties (slow phenomena and overall aging) and dynamic ones (fast phenomena, usage).
Depending on the use you plan to make of it, you will find the right product for you: the OSMOS system can evaluate the risks posed by a “pathological” structure or, in the case of preventative monitoring, detect, early on, any signs of structural fatigue.


Download Specifications Page for Optical Strand.



V5 Expert System


V5 Expert System


The V5 system is intended for emergency purposes and structures that are either damaged or frequently used. Fully nonmagnetic, it is equipped with a warning system that is triggered when a certain threshold is crossed or when there is a loss of elasticity or a shifting of the neutral axis. In this case, an alarm is installed onsite, and an alert sent to the operator.


The platform is universal and can host other measuring tools, which allows you to confirm results if doubts persist.


Download Specifications Page for V5 Monitoring Station.



LIRIS - The Standalone Optical Strand




Buildings and other structures require a type of monitoring adapted to their complexity, environment and overall condition. OSMOS offers a generalization of the principle of imbedded recording devices with LIRIS, a standalone optical cord that can be installed in less than 15 minutes.

In sleep mode, the system is activated by the operator who comes to examine the data onsite. This type of solution is generally chosen in cases of construction work in progress or sites that require occasional monitoring, for example.


Download Specifications Page for LIRIS technical information.



Optical Extensometer

Optical Extensometer

The optical extensometer is a flexible, high-precision optical fibre sensor which captures deformations using a probe and converts them into an optical signal. It is able to capture both static and dynamic values over the short and long term. The signal is converted using a technology patented by OSMOS.  The extensometer is connected to a monitoring station and can be used to measure various deformations or shifts of up to 5 mm.

Download Specifications Page for Extensometer technical information.