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Safety Product Groups


The OSMOS Canada safety system can be adapted flexibly to safety and financial requirements through a use of different safety concepts. Monitoring can be performed at various levels in accordance with the risks involved and available budget:


Prepared Mode

In the case of new buildings or existing structures, one possibility of cost-effective prevention is the installation of an X-Trigger which supplies a yes/no decision without the need for additional cabling.


Sleeping Mode

The sleeping mode is intended mainly for use at low risk levels – especially in the case of new buildings; here, the sensor is installed without a direct, permanent connection to a monitoring station. Following a reference measurement, the sensor assumes a sleeping mode in which it can be used to detect changes in the length of the enclosing structure. On-site measurements can be performed following establishment of a connection to the monitoring station whenever required.


Permanent Mode

Continuous measurement via a connection to a monitoring station is possible with and without remote queries. The objective here is permanent, real-time monitoring. Data acquisition and analysis also take place in real time. The system operates continuously to permit constant monitoring.


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