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Risk Management


At a time when huge investments must be allocated to the renovation and modernization of Canada’s and North America’s infrastructures, a technology which allows for a continuous real-time monitoring of engineering works is already available. Having the right information at all times, at any moment, means being able to avoid risks, to manage in the most optimal manner and to always choose the right action to take at any given moment.

Monitoring engineering is a way to prevent risks and to optimise investments.


How does a structure react, subjected to an acting force (wind, rain, soil movement, supporting works, temperature effects, etc.)? In the past, we assumed the state of our infrastructure, beginning with the simplest of criteria or by theoretical model calculations, we assumed material strength and structural behaviour.  These assumptions carry uncertainty which carry through to theoretical calculations and predictions due to the absence of a monitoring system to detect the actual structural reactions.


Today we have reliable technology.  OSMOS puts forward the right measures at the right moment in time. It is the opportunity to confidently foresee how we can preserve our assets for future generations.


Struct-Sure Limited prefers prevention and long-term planning; this is rather more a perspective of sustainable development than short-term management.


Struct-Sure Limited enables the remote monitoring of buildings and installations. On a computer monitor, a patented “dashboard” provides whatever information a user wishes regarding the condition of the structure involved. The raw data which have been collected are converted and formatted to provide an easy-to-read graphic display. The user can read all of the information as if on a dashboard, quickly and without difficulty, thus eliminating the need for elaborate interpretations of the data collected. Nonetheless, all of the required raw data can be called up for detailed analysis, if the user desires. The parameters to be displayed are determined in advance. Thus, for example, wind gauges or hygrometers can be integrated as well. The system is open-ended with respect to the selection of a very wide range of measurement parameters and guarantees continuous surveillance – regardless of location and without impairing normal use of the structure involved.



Meanusrement Results - Struct-Sure


Dashboard Display of Measurement Results


Evaluation of the data may be carried out by Struct-Sure Limited or directly by the client, via Internet. At the client’s request, Struct-Sure Limited experts shall regularly supply structure behaviour reports and analyses.