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OSMOS System


Founded on fibre optic technology, the OSMOS solution puts the structure under permanent observation and gives an in-depth look into its structural integrity. At all times, it informs or alerts as to its condition, in real-time. Whether it is a question of ground cave-ins or compression, cracks, compression, alignment or displacement, this integrated works technology records snapshots of the loads acting on the structures. It measures and gives exact building, bridge, tunnel or dam deformation values with precise accuracy. This information processed by digital data, is conveyed by fibre optics, stored in a black box, which acts as a real-time memory and then analyzed.

This system can measure static and dynamic effects simultaneously with maximum precision. All the data is recorded and instantly accessible via the internet. At any given moment, the user can analyze the data collected on the dashboard panel, on their computer, their PDA or mobile phone, clearly and simply. It supplies also the raw data allowing for thorough analysis. Each sensor is equipped with a distinct alarm, with which its triggering immediately transmits a message to the person responsible for the structure’s monitoring. It is then possible to detect any change to the structure’s integrity early-on and to follow its progression over time. This is what makes the OSMOS technology truly one of a kind.


The monitoring is to some extent, the sensor which perceives the modifications and the structure’s defects, enabling one to deal with risk management and proper maintenance of the aging engineering works and structures.


Clean Bill of Health = Clear Decisions

OSMOS technology allows:

  • Ongoing risk surveillance to ensure safety of building structures
  • Optimize investments and reduce maintenance costs
  • Early detection of defects
  • Quality assurance during construction work
  • Determining an action plan with clear and precise information
  • Define and lay down preventive measures
  • Detect latent defects


A Tried and Tested Method of Structural Diagnostics


The sensor-aided system for building and installation monitoring developed by OSMOS allows a long-term registration of all structural changes through an integration of components into or onto the structure which needs to be inspected.


The OSMOS system is the only one capable of measuring measure static and dynamic loads with the same equipment. Changes in shape and position can be monitored to the highest degree of precision, making it possible to forecast the behaviour of the structure being inspected. For this purpose, all the data can be saved, evaluated on requirement and displayed in real time.


OSMOS System - Struct-Sure