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Monitoring Station


monitoring station

Connecting the sensors via standard optical cables permits measurement signals to be transmitted over long distances without the need for conversion or intermediate amplification.



OSMOS developed the monitoring station for precise registration of the signals supplied by the fibre-optic sensors. This station consists of a master unit, which performs all the necessary network functions, and a slave unit, which performs data measurement. The measured data are fetched and managed by the master unit. The connection between the master and slave is established via a bus (RS 485).


The entire system can be configured online via a web server, or offline by means of an editor. A database server establishes a modem connection with all configured measurement points and archives all raw data and configuration data accumulated since the previous connection. With the help of the configuration data, all raw data on the database server are converted into measurement data and visualized. Access is controlled by means of a password.


Measured values can be displayed on X-Y graphs or as dashboards (threshold values with alarm levels). Maximum and minimum values for each day and since commencement of the current measurement are displayed. The measured data can also be exported for further processing (jpeg, bmp, table -> ASCII).