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Monitoring Process


V5 -  Expert System

(Continuous Monitoring)

LIRIS - Preventive System 

(On Demand Monitoring)

V5 Expert System - Continuous Monitoring LIRIS Preventive System - On Demand Monitoring

The sensors used are different, depending on the structure and to control the information sought.


Continuous Monitoring

The Measurement of Deformation


Unlike a one-time measure, continuous monitoring allows you to track, on hourly basis, the evolution of deformations.

Static and Dynamic Properties

Unlike the one-time measure, the continuous monitoring tracks, moment by moment, the evolution of deformation.

That the measure be static or dynamic, the system delivers the same reference. It is able to record, with the same precision, slow movements such as seasonal cycles and the aging of the whole, and movements such as sudden and punctual service requests or event.


It can assess both the risks of building a “pathological”, but also detect upstream signs of fatigue, as part of a preventive monitoring.


An alarm is triggered automatically when a threshold previously defined, is exceeded.


The decisive events, such as overloading of a structure and the reduction of life that results, are not detected:


Discrete measurement point

Discrete measurement point


The detection of damage is very late and lack of precision:


Discrete measurement point

Discrete measurement point