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Industrial Structures


OSMOS system is used on industrial buildings to not only monitor the building but to monitor the impact on the building as a result industrial uses such as heavy presses, dynamic loading resulting from moving heavy loads from overhead cranes.

Long term monitoring of industrial buildings creates a record of the loading conditions on the building resulting the use.  Monitoring the building after a change in use of the building can reveal the effect of the change of use on the building.


What can Monitoring of Industrial Structures accomplish?

  • Industrial structures are often subject to heavy loading conditions and vibration.  The OSMOS system can monitor the loading conditions in a overhead crane bridge for example and provide a history of the number of loads lifted, the load ranges, the maximum load, the frequency of lifts.
  • Vibration resulting from heavy moving loads and heavy stamping equipment can be monitored and the data may show damaging affects.
  • Industrial building undergo many changes of use in their live.  OSMOS system can monitor the structure during renovations and new uses to ensure that the structure is safe.
  • Tall towers and smoke stacks can be monitored and the effect of wind on the tower can be established.  Not only can the strain/stress be measured in the tower, the wind speed and direction can be recorded.  This data may be used in the design of new towers on the site.