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Historic Buildings


The OSMOS system can be used on historic buildings to ensure that the building is structurally sound and the public is safe.

Long term monitoring of the building can provide a record of the performance of the bulding.  As the building ages the monitoring data will show how the building responds in a different manner or if specific structural elements of the building weakens.


What can Building Structural Monitoring do?

  • Every old building has cracks in the foundation or walls.  Are these cracks a problem?  OSMOS system allows you to monitor the crack and determine if the crack width is progressing.  Is the crack simply related to temperature changes of the building materials?  Monitoring both the crack width and the ambient temperature will tell you if the crack is responding to temperature or to a structural problem in the building.
  • Some old buildings were built without a good knowledge of the strength of the soil they sit on.  This may have resulted in a specific part of the building leaning over time.  OSMOS system can measure and monitor and leaning of towers, walls, columns etc.
  • Are you building an addition on a old building?  Are you digging deeper beside a historic building?  OSMOS system can monitor the building and give you a early warning that what you are doing is going to damage the old building.
  • Are you reconstructing a road near a historic building?  Are you digging deep or dewatering soils?  Will this cause a problem with the historic building?  Will vibration of the ground as a result of pile driving, demolition, soil compaction equipment damage the building?  OSMOS system can monitor the historic building and give you a early warning that the vibration is impacting the building.
  • Are you renovating a historic building?  Will the renovation result in a different use of the building and cause increased loading on the old structural elements?  OSMOS system can monitor the old structure to ensure that structural elements are not overloaded during construction or final use of the building.