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Q:  Will my structure be damaged by the installation of the OSMOS equipment?

A:  No.  The optical strands, extensometer etc are attached with small screws which do not cause any structural damage.  The small holes can be filled with standard caulking if required.


Q:  Is there a limit to the size of the structure that can be monitored?


A:  Optical strands are typically 2 metres long.  If there is room on the structure for a 2 metre optical strand, there is no limit to the size of the structure that can be monitored.


Q:  Will the optical strands detract from the athestics of my structure?


A:  There are two types of optical strands available.  Wired and wireless.  Wired strands require a cable (about the size of TV cable) which can typically be hidden or installed so that they are not very obvious.  Wireless optical strands require no wiring to hide.  The optical strands have a low profile but will be visible.  It may be possible to position optical strands so that they are not so visible.   Remember that it is important to install optical strands on the structure in specific areas in order to collect the important structural information and visibility of the optical strand should be a low priority.


Q:  How long does it take to install the technology?


A:  The installation of 4 strands, and extensometer and temperature sensor take less than a day if there is good access to the structure.  If scaffolding and rigging need to be built the installation will take longer.


Q:  Where does the monitoring equipment get power from?


A:  Power requirements are very minimal.  A standard 120 Volt 15 amp power supply is more than adequate.  Wireless equipment does not need power, it operates on a battery within the unit.


Q:  When would I use the wired versus wireless technology?


A:  Both the wired and wireless technology can be used on any structure.  Both technologies can provide the same information.  Which one to use is dependent on what information you need to learn about your structure.  Please contact us to discuss your structure and we can help you select the right equipment for your structure.