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Emergency Monitoring


The OSMOS technology is ideal monitoring tool to respond to emergency structural conditions.
Structures can be quickly equipped with the OSMOS sensors to monitor the structure which has been damaged.


What Emergency situations can be monitored?

  • Has your structure been damaged from accidental collision?  Has a bridge in your municipality been hit by a truck?  Has it been damaged?  You wonder if the strength of the bridge has been compromised?  Should you close the bridge and add 10 kilometers of driving distance for the public.
  • Has your building suffered a structural collapse?  Is the rest of your building safe?
  • Has there been a fire in your building?  How do you know that the extreme heat has not affected the concrete or steel beams and columns that hold up all the floor above it?
  • Are there cracks in your parking garage that did not exist last week or last month?  Are these cracks growing?  Should you evacuate the parking garage?
  • There is a major construction project next to your historic building and because of an accident the earth next your foundation has collapsed.  Is this going to increase the risk of your building being damaged?  Should you be concerned for the safety of the people living in your building?


Good News!

All of the above emergency situations can be monitored by the OSMOS equipment until repairs are completed.  This gives you the peace of mind that your structure and the people that are affected are safe.

Structural Monitoring will give you an accurate picture if there has been any damage and provide the early warning if the structure is undergoing extreme stress situations as a result of the emergency condition.


Parking Structure collapse resulting from ground subsidence. Monitoring predicted collapse before anyone was injured.