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The OSMOS system can be used on bridges to ensure that the bridge is structurally sound and the public is safe.

Using the OSMOS system you can be sure that the bridge is responding in the manner that the designer of the bridge intended and that there is no over stressing of the bridge or degradation of the bridge over time.


Long term monitoring of the bridge can provide a record of the performance of the bridge.  As the bridge ages the monitoring data will show how the bridge responds in a different manner or if specific structural elements of the bridge weaken.


If the bridge is overloaded, long term monitoring will reveal when the bridge was overloaded, by how much and if the bridge was damaged due to the overload occurrence.

Perform a load test on an existing bridge to establish a load posting.  Installing the OSMOS system on a bridge and performing a real-time load test allows you to measure the in-situ conditions of the bridge.  You will see the actual conditions under which the bridge lives.  Strength of materials, rigidity of structural connections, effect of bridge supports, temperature effects, internal structural load redistribution…etc are all measured and reflected together.  The load posting result from this type of load posting incorporates all aspects of the bridge and there is no guessing of the strength and stiffness of bridge components or the entire bridge.

Install the OSMOS system on a bridge to monitor heavy traffic conditions.  You will know how much heavy traffic passed over the bridge, frequency of traffic, the heaviest vehicle which passed over the bridge and most important you will know if the bridge has been damaged.

Monitor specific parts of the bridge which you suspect are weaker or are degrading over time.  For example the OSMOS system has identified a girder which is not as strong as the other girders in the bridge.  Install OSMOS system on the weak girder and monitor the girder to ensure that the strength of the girder does not begin to weaken.  OSMOS system will canyou with an early warning of a problem before failure.

Monitor a older bridge during structural renovations to ensure that the bridge is damaged as result of construction loading and to ensure that the structural renovations have actually added strength to the bridge.  Monitoring before, during and after structural renovation will reveal the change in the bridge condition.

Install the OSMOS system on a new bridge.  The OSMOS equipment can be cast right into the concrete of a new bridge.  A unique bridge design or construction method can be monitored.  The data collected will allow the bridge engineering ensure that the design assumptions and design theory is correct.