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About Us


Struct-Sure Limited specializes structural monitoring engineering using fiber optic technology created by OSMOS.  The technology allows for early detection and prevention of structural integrity  issues and provides pertinent information to on-going security and prevention management for structures such as bridges and buildings, and which in fact responds well to challenges posed by the aging and renewing of engineering works.


Sturct-Sure Limited concentrates on providing structural monitoring engineering for:

  • Bridges (roadway, railway, pedestrian)
  • Buildings (renovations, new construction)
  • Building Materials and Building Systems research
  • Analysis of structures after damage
  • Adjacent construction (deep excavation near existing structures)
  • Dams (hydraulic structures)
  • Historical Structures and Religious Structures
  • Infrastructure (large watermains and sanitary sewers)
  • Towers
  • Wind Turbines
  • Industrial applications, including production equipment in the fields of power generation, steel mills, pulp and paper mills and refineries
  • Geotechnical (retaining walls, slope stability monitoring)